Yogyakarta Hostel Freemium, it is a new concept for us to give a lot of easiness to you. Casa Raffles is a member of Yogyakarta Hostel.

1. Fuji Villa.


2.Shangrila Villa.

3. Raffles Villa

4. Casa Raffles.

5. My Home.

6. Opening soon May 2012: Yogyakarta Backpacker 2

7. Opening soon July 8,  2012: Raffles City Center.

No payment for all those, you get it for free. Of course you cannot find these things at other place. We have different packages of this program. For 3 nights stay we will give you more extra facilities, and for free shuttle and some of them, you still can get it even you stay only for one night. If you make reservation only for 1 night and when you already stay 1 night and need to extent you will get our extra facilities for 3 nights.

  • Free pick up from airport, for 3 nights stay.  When you make a booking with us and you can confirm us by email about your arrival time, what flight that you use with, and if that really fix, we can arrange a car to pick you up, with our time from 7am to 7pm. Or we can pick you at every part of Yogyakarta City, as bus station, train station and other place.
  • Free Laundry, we will washing your clothes and give it to you one day after with clean and ironed. We realize that the most needed of  travelers is laundry. So when you leave our place your bag will be full of clean clothes.
  • Free Tea and coffee for you for whole day, with  comfort weather at our place a cup of coffee or tea make you more warm and with natural circumstance around here you will really enjoy it.
  • Free Mineral water, that is also free because not only a glass for you that you can get it, but if you go out for tour or hanging around you can fill your bottle. We prepare a sterile one and best brand in this country. We guarantee if you won’t get something wrong after drink it.
  • Free Internet Connection and computer that you can use with free, also free printing and using our paper to make your booking for your next journey.
  • Free Shuttle. The most free enjoying traveling that you can get is our shuttle for your day. We locate time for shuttle to the downtown at  10 am, 2 pm, 6 pm,  After 4 hours we will bring you back to our place. You can enjoy your  time at downtown, and walking around. We can say, distance is not a problem for you to go around, even you stay in really exotic place like ours.
  • Free using our Mobile Phone,  make you easy and you still connected with us if you confuse about direction during your own journey to the city or to the place you visited. You always can feel free without any worried if you get lost. Call or text us, and we will explain direction to you and we can pick you up, or if you need some information we will explain it to you with pleasure. And for using this mobile phone you have to deposit your money as price of the mobile phone U$ 30/ Euro 20.
  • Free use Guest Kitchen. Big table is surrounded by eight chairs. So just enjoy it, as a spirit to starting your time with us.
  • Free using our bicycle, this area is a really in the city center. Very nice to visit some interesting place around here with bicycle, Sultan Palace, Water castle, Vreedebrug muceum, Taman pintar ( Yogyakarta science center) just around Casa Raffles. You should try ride a bicycle if you want to get more fun. We provide for bicycle, and if there are many guest like to use, so we have right to make a schedule for using it.

Enjoy your time with us and we will make it perfect.


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