Yogyakarta Backpacker 1 na Casa de Raffles. (Yogyakarta Backpacker at House of Raffles)

Casa de Raffles become Paradise for Backpacker.

Mr Rainer Allbright, have a hobby;” traveling around Java-Bali”.

He have a dream for Backpacker: A clean room with good facilities as:

* Free transfer in  to the hotel for guest stay more than 3 nights or

free transfer in-out for guest stay more than 6 nights.

* Free laundry for stay at least 3 nights (see at Freemium).

* Cheap and tasty food at Casa Raffles or surrounding. Mr Rainer Allbright already make a partnership with Mrs Kudo ( http://www.BuKudo.com  – Heritage Food).

Our Guest can eat  Food & Beverages from Rp. 10.000,- (open 7.30 AM until 19.00 PM). Yes, Nasi pecel ( Rice with vegetable-peanut sauce + chicken ( any type) + tea/ orange).